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   Your Game, Your Rules   
   A Magic Sandbox Platformer with infinite creation possibilities   

Discover the MagiCats World

About This Game

Greetings, MagiCat! As an all-powerful cat wizard, you will no doubt be focused on two goals.

Number one: building awesome arenas to challenge your companions, making you the most influential MagiCat Builder.

Number two: fighting monsters in thousands of arenas created by other players, to become the most respected MagiCat Fighter.

MagiCats Builder is a 2D sandbox platformer with a twist. Create your own levels – tricky, hilarious or puzzling – with a powerful but easy-to-use in-game coding interface, crafting your own game experiences on the fly!



Play Mode

Challenge thousands of levels published by players all over the world

Countless levels built by MagiCats Builder’s players are waiting for you to explore them. They are sorted by “featured”, “new levels”, “best rated” and “most difficult”, which save your time to find your favorite one.

  • Featured: Funny, hilarious and unique levels beyond your imagination.
  • New levels: Explore the latest levels created by starters or experienced players.
  • Best rated: Have fun in the levels with the best reputation. Let’s figure out why!
  • Most difficult: You may have no idea about how to pass through them, but try several times to find the hidden clues!

Try to beat all levels’ best time, or download them to add your own ideas and share them with your friends.

Build Mode

Create unique wonderful levels so easily…


Here is an ideal place where your dream of building games will come true. From an “impossible” level full of tricky traps to an extraordinary story with original dialogues, you can make the level the way you want! The only limit is your imagination!

Add many characters including Evil blob, various rateurs, Crazy Pumpkin… and customize their behaviors. Feel the power of controlling every boss and even letting them fight each other! Hundreds of objects available such as grounds platform mines, Mushbumps…bring whatever you want to build to life. Decorate your levels with shining forest columns or beautiful magic trees and make them look stunning.

Use our simple visual scripting feature and watch your code come to life in real-time!

Adventure Mode

Perfect your creating or coding skills with a bunch of adventure tracks


Looking for inspiration?

In adventure mode, you will discover more about mastering coding techniques and gain all the skills needed to create your original level. Moreover, in the process of improving, you will easily get inspired and figure out which kind of level you want to build!

By training in this mode, you will become the most powerful MagiCat!

Discover now the Crazy universe of MagiCats



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