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   Fair Game: Where creatives get their normal due   

We’re now entering an era when video games with user-generated content are not just a way to extend games’ lives anymore

It doesn’t seem fair that those creators just stay players, especially when a player takes 800 hours to conceive a map that will be enjoyed by the worldwide community.

Inspired by the Fair Trade, we found the Fair Game, an opportunity to transform actual work time and passion into a viable economic model.

The First Fair Game

In the case of Crazy Dreamz, we chose to highlight players creations in a game called Crazy Dreamz: Best Of.

In this game, creators get 50% of the game revenues. It’s a way to reward players’ talent with consistent, concrete, shiny money and making ourselves the editor of the game they will make with our editor tool!

How can I get involved?

Become a creator

Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition is a 2D sandbox platformer with a twist. Create your own levels – tricky, hilarious or puzzling – with a powerful but easy-to-use in-game coding interface, crafting your own game experiences on the fly!


Support the creators

Crazy Dreamz: Best Of is the first Crowd-Developed game. Try the best 100 outstanding levels made by brilliant creators all over the world.

Play this game to discover a new kind of games where originality is the keyword.

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And much more to come

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