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   Fair Game   

A game which rewards creators and innovators

A Fair model which encourages innovation

A game for the players, by the players

What is a Fair Game?

Inspired by the Fair Trade, we created the Fair Game concept, an opportunity to transform actual work time and passion into a viable model.

Content creators are pillars of the gaming community and we value this. We believe the future of gaming is built by its community, and we want to be part of its growth and progress.

This is why we launched the Fair Game concept, where creators and innovators are rewarded for their creations and innovations.

Make money with your creativity

Thanks to the Fair Game system, creators of MagiCats Builder will be able to submit their best levels to become part of a new innovative project centered around the Fair Game.

Win money and join the adventure!

We released a previous game, The Best Of MagiCats, which was built upon this concept. This test showed us that this challenge can be taken.

Now, we need you for the 2nd edition.

What can I do?

Become a creator

Build your very own game world in MagiCats Builder, the ultimate sandbox platformer where only your imagination is the limit!

Design levels, characters, objects, environments, anything your heart desires, using a simple visual coding engine.

Craft your own experiences on the fly and share them with the community.


Who already benefited from the Fair Game concept?

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How can we help?

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