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   The First-Ever Crowd Developed Game   

About This Game (ex Crazy Dreamz: Best Of)

The Best Of MagiCats is the first 2D Platformer made by its own community. Discover 100 outstanding levels made by brilliant creators from all over the world. Some are incredibly tricky, others are funny, and all of them have a fascinating story behind them. Discover how great a game can be, when the whole world works on it!

It is also the first Fair Game in the world! Indeed, level creators from MagiCats Builder get 50% of the game revenues. Learn more here.

The Best Of MagiCats

Ultimate Creators Pack

THE BEST GIFT to encourage the creativity and support the awesome creations of the community. The original creators’ stories, hidden details of the game and other related products… ALL IN ONE PACK!

Crazy Dreamz: Best Of - Ultimate Creators Pack


  • The Best Of MagiCats Steam key (Value: 9,99€)
  • One booklet: all the creators’ stories and hidden secrets (Value: 7€)
  • One wonderful hand-drawn poster (Value: 5€)
  • Stickers of MagiCats and their enemies (Value: 3€)
  • Exclusive skins for your MagiCat! (Extra)
  • Original Soundtrack of The Best Of MagiCats (Value: 2€)

Key features

100 awesome levels created by the MagiCats Builder community

The craziest and most original playing experience you can imagine

Beautiful hand-drawn 2D environments

Epic boss fights

Face off against the 7 generals of rats’ army in various battle modes

Fight against the rats’ army, defeat the mysterious and epic boss, and behold the awesome power… of MagiCats!

Play as a brave MagiCat to save the MagiCats Kingdom

Evil rats invaded your country. Lands were plundered… and there are no fish left to eat. What a tragedy! You are a brave MagiCat who decide to take the responsibility of beating the rats’ army and take the stolen magic back!

There are many difficulties waiting for you in this adventure, but everyone believes in your ingenuity, courage and potential!

Become a cat hero to save the world!

Your mentor: Caramel

Your mentor and the oldest MagiCat.

This time, he was unable to prevent the Raters Invasion alone and needs your help.

He knows everything about the magic and will give you very useful advices.

However, sometimes he seems to keep many secrets.

The evil Rat army

They have craved the magic for a long time and finally got a chance to steal it!

Since they have the magic and control other fighters to help them, they have become harder to defeat than ever before!

It only got worse when you discovered that there would be a mysterious power behind them…

A Fair Game Initiative

Fair Game means sharing the revenues with every creator. In the The Best Of MagiCats, 50% of the game’s revenue will go to the 100 community level builders for their outstanding creations. When purchasing this game, you are supporting a young but promising initiative dedicated to boost creativity and talent all over the world.

Discover now the Crazy universe of MagiCats


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