Patch Note 2.4 – MagiCats Builder Update

Patch Note 2.4 – MagiCats Builder Update

Oct 04 Simon  

Hello everyone!


After the last update, we saw an incredible increase in the variety of levels you made! Adding the weapon switching mechanic gave a lot of freedom to content makers, and we’re tremendously happy about this. That’s why we have added another major feature in this update as well, and this feature is just as incredible, if not more! Keep reading to get all the info about it!

We also added a number of needed fixes brought from the last update, as well as a few other features you’ve been asking for the game. We’re always watching out for good ideas from you guys, so don’t hesitate to give us your thoughts, this is how we strive to make MagiCats Builder better!

As another reminder, we have been reviving the Fair Game concept in Dreamz, which allows creators to get paid while having fun creating content! Don’t hesitate to check it out here, and watch out for any future projects from the studio 😉

For more info:

**Important notice: We’re still keeping an open ear for any feedback, and we’re constantly updating the game, adding gameplay possibilities and in-game objects. Now, let’s get into it!**



  • New slots are now available for creators. Up to 3 more islands can be unlocked, for a total of 4 islands available for level building.

You guesssed it! You know have the plentiest amount of space to make all the levels you want! This was a huge request from the community, and we are excited to announce it! Watch out, this isn’t even the biggest news in the update!

  • Items from the Best Of MagiCats are now unlocked as well from buying the Infinite Pack

We know it was kind of frustrating to have an Infinite Pack which wasn’t totally “infinite”, but now it really is the most “infinite” of all the Infinite Packs!

  • The edit mode has been improved on Android

Edit mode on Android needed a small improvement, and we brought it. It’s mostly the same, but now it’s better!

  • Ambiance and environments have been split in the Edit mode

Now, you’ll see the Classic and Castle environment on one side, and night/day/evening/etc. on the other. Cool! More options is always cooler!



  • Added a Mount options in Advanced Options: NEW MAJOR FEATURE! (BETA)


New major feature of the patch: MOUNTS! Because riding a horse is over-rated, we bring you mountable bats, blobs and many others! It’s as simple as ticking a switch in the options menu and jumping on the creature! Now fly away, you fool!

  • Added the new Adventure mode

When we removed Adventure mode a couple patches ago, it was not to make all of you who enjoyed it sad, but to make it better. Now, it has come back way stronger, with new redesigned levels so players can fully learn how to navigate in the huge world that is MagiCats Builder! And also, this one isn’t bugged!

  • Added a Heal bloc of code

Even though your Rateur Sorcerer can shoot 25 fireballs at once, he couldn’t even heal for 1HP. Now, he can shoot 25 fireballs AND heal for 1HP at the same time. Balanced, right?!

  • Added a Move bloc of code (without parameters needed)

To explain, if you use a “Loop” bloc, your units will be able to move FOREVER! No parameters needed, just simple, pure, MOVEMENT!

  • The Door object used to be displayed as open as a default animation when first seen by the player, and is now displayed as closed by default

Better keep that door locked, eh?


Bug Fixing

  • Fixed the rateur knight’s collision on attack
  • Fixed the player’s fire rate
  • Fixed the issue where the Graviton who keep on looping gravity switches when it was set not autodestruct on pick-up

Breaking the laws of physics once was problematic enough, but doing it infinitely? We had a few problems with the scientific community and had to fix that asap…

  • Fixed some emojis not displaying on Best Of units

Some of the Crokeluns felt unhappy, so we added smiles to their face. Always here to help!


Have you found a bug? Tell us about it on Discord here!


Wow, so many new features! Even we can’t keep up with all of them, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to stop making nice stuff for you guys! Also, you might want to stay tuned in the following weeks for big announcements, big things are coming from your friendly neighborhood Dreamz Studio 😉


Magically yours,


The Dreamz Team

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