Patch Note 2.3 – MagiCats Builder Update

Patch Note 2.3 – MagiCats Builder Update

Sep 07 Simon  

Hello everyone!


MagiCats Builder is going on and staying strong! As we promise, we work hard to make the game better than ever with every coming update, and this update is no exception! After weeks of sweat and tears, we are bringing you a new version of the game which we are deeply proud of and represents only a small part of what is coming in the future.

This time, we have added a few major features and several needed fixes for your playing pleasure! As always, thank you for staying and helping this community grow stronger by the day! This whole adventure, this progress, it is done with your help, and we could never have gotten this far without the community’s support.

Since we’re talking about community support, most of you guys know about the concept we developed at Dreamz: the Fair Game concept! It allows you to win money by using your innovation skills and your creativity, all the while playing MagiCats Builder. All you need to do, is create awesome levels!

For me info:

**Important notice: We’re still keeping an open ear for any feedback, and we’re constantly updating the game, adding gameplay possibilities and in-game objects. Now, let’s get into it!**



  • Changed the end of level animation and replaced the classic environment house with the Castle stele

Even though a house was pretty fun, we felt that it lacked the epicness that our MagiCats deserved. Thus, we now have a magical pier to finish levels, with everything needed to finish your levels. Teleportation free of charge!



  • Added a Change Player Power bloc of code: NEW MAJOR FEATURE!

Biggest reveal of the update! Creators will now be able to change the power associated with the player’s weapon, and as you can see, these can get pretty interesting! A game changing feature, hopefully with game changing consequences! Use at your own risk, but be warned: it’s extremely fun to use…

  • Added NPC Toggle for Enemies

Remember that time when you had to give Protego to enemies that you wanted to make friendly? As of now, you can toggle the NPC status of your characters to make them friendly to the player! Assemble an army of friendly NPC, and mount the attack against the bad NPCs if you so desire…

  • Character will no longer die when climbing down and hitting the camera border and will stop instead

Whoah! Let me hold you there! If you jump in the vast emptiness, you will still die. Just means that you won’t if you do it will climbing buddy. Geez, calm down…

  • Added friction on objects not affected by gravity

We realized physics were a bit off with objects not affected by gravity. And while they weren’t affected by gravity, and that was already off physics-wise, we decided that not having friction was a bit too much. So friction’s there now!

  • Added a SaveOnCheckpoint bloc of code

Roughly said, but you can now keep items as they were upon death and respawn on checkpoint.

  • Added Crokeluns as new enemies

We had many people urging us to add the famous Crokeluns from the Best Of to the Builder. Well, it’s done, and this is just a little taste of the total number of new enemies added! Your boss fights have now gotten a 1UP in quality 😉

  • Added Disguised Marshmallow and Marshmallow as an enemy

Marshmallow in his Normal and Disguised forms have now been added to the roster of NPCs. Watch out for too much cuteness with all that evilness!

  • Added the Cannon object

And also, we added a big cannon.



  •  Added in-game chat

Woooooaah! Social stuff! You wanted to talk to your buddy MagiCats? Now you can, with people from ALL around the MagiCats Worlds *wink wink*

  • Menu navigation with a controller is now working as intended
  • Navigation in the Shop when a daily quest is bought is now better


Multiplayer (Steam version)

  • Added Toggle PVP Code Block

You will now be able to trigger PvP using a dedicated bloc of code, along with a cute animation. For your PvP pleasures, your arenas and deathruns, we bring to you the official version of our PvP, polished out more than ever! Enjoy shooting fire balls at your friends!

  • Camera is now smoother in PvP mode

Bug Fixing

  • Boss attack collision is now fixed
  • Player shooting bolts while running is now fixed

We had an annoying bug where shooting and running caused the character to just not do anything. We fixed that, it was really bringing down the adrenaline from all those Rateur Sorcerer fights…

  • Steam achievement “Judge” is now properly obtained

After Discord rained down on us for two straight weeks for this achievement being bugged, we unbugged it. There you go, you’re welcome Discord. Now go catch Pokemons again!

  • Notifications now work as intended

Remember the small notification which used to sometimes work and sometimes not work? Now it works.

Have you found a bug? Tell us about it on Discord here!



And that’s it for this week! Don’t forget to tune in back soon, we have more updates coming in the following weeks for you, and game-changing features are planned for each of them 😉

Magically yours,


The Dreamz Team

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