Patch Note 2.2 – MagiCats Builder Update

Patch Note 2.2 – MagiCats Builder Update

Aug 09 Simon  

Hello everyone!


With the release of MagiCats Builder almost one month ago, we’ve been listening to all your feedback (and I mean it, all your feedback), and we’ve given lots of stuff for our studio MagiCats to work on.

This new update brings tons of bug fixing, and even some new graphical features and accessibility conveniences so you can play the game as smoothly as possible. Rest assured, new content is always being prepared by our MagiCat Picassos as we speak. Again, thanks for sticking with us, we try to make this adventure better every day, and you’re a big part of what keeps us going!

**Important notice: We’re still keeping an open ear for any feedback, and we’re constantly updating the game, adding gameplay possibilities and in-game objects. Now, let’s get into it!**



  • New skins have been added to the game
  • New vines design
  • Vines are now Chains in the Castle Environment

“New vines! But vines are chains? Wait what?!” Don’t worry, it’s not as confusing as it looks… We thought the old vines looked cool, but we wanted them to be as cool as you, so we made them better! Since it’s kind of weird to have huge vines in castles, we made some extra big chains for the Castle environment!



  • Several fixes on the tutorial mode

We managed to notice a few bugs *ahem* by ourselves *cough cough* where some tutorial levels where a bit bugged out… Tutorials are important, they show you stuff! Since we don’t want you to not know stuff, we fixed that stuff! Enjoy some fun learning 😊

  • Cut Adventure mode

Sad news of the day: we had to cut the Adventure mode. We made this difficult decision because we decided that it was better to focus our work on the Build mode and make it as polished and shiny as possible. Keeping a bugged Adventure mode that we could not work on would just diminish the overall quality of the game, and the quality of our game is something we hold dear to our hearts. We hope you’ll understand that choice.

  • Wall-climbing transition is now fixed
  • Added a new code bloc “Display Boss Health”

You can now create that super mega OP boss you wanted to do with a huge health-pool! Only now, people don’t have to guess how much HP he has left anymore…

  • Added a new code bloc “Travel To”/”Camera Move”/”Camera Shake” to help you move the camera around

Ever fancied yourself a camera man? Ever dreamt of making a cinematographic experience in all that glorious 60FPS goodness? Your dreams have now come true!

  • Added a new code bloc “Display Image” which comes with a new Frame Object

You can now display any image you want in your level… More creative freedom, yay!

  • Fixed animation transition bugs which stopped the players from grabbing onto nearby surfaces

As you can see, the player could sometimes grip onto some surface but would still fall. This has been fixed for multiple instances, so the controls should feel tighter and more responsive!



  • Fixed some controller navigation on different menus (notably the main menu)

It was a bit weird having to move up your d-pad to move to an menu icon on the right of where you were, so we fixed that for ya!



  • Improved the transition between different music themes

Remove SFX when the player is Idle

Remember that annoying meow he does whenever he gets tired of waiting for you to actually do something? Well, it was annoying for us too, so… just like that, it’s gone!


Multiplayer (Steam version)

  • Fixed the camera when Multiplayer is activated
  • Fixed the grip between characters (they can no longer climb on each other)

It was funny seeing MagiCats hanging all around on top of each other, but it was kind of messing multiplayer sometimes, so we fixed that too.


Bug Fixing

  • Fixed the Invoke Enemies command: the state is correctly reset even if the original object is hurt
  • Fixed the achievement flow: it correctly now waits for the server response
  • Fixed level tags: It is now possible to Edit a level after giving it a tag

Have you found a bug? Tell us about it on Discord here!



That’s all we’ve got for you today! As always, feel free to give us some feedback, we always love to hear from you!

Magically yours,


The Dreamz Team

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