Patch Note 2.0 – MagiCats Builder Launch

Patch Note 2.0 – MagiCats Builder Launch

Jul 10 Simon  

Hello everyone!


We’ve been silent quite a while, but it’s been for a good reason! All this time, we’ve been working like crazy with all the MagiCats to make the kingdom even better. And now, we’re proud to present you the official release of MagiCats Builder!

The game is now out of early access/beta and has become something far greater than what we first released, 8 months ago. We’re extremely proud of this and we hope you’ll like playing it as much as we had fun making it. So here it is: thank you for following us through this journey and we hope you will follow us for the rest of it as well.

**Important notice: releasing MagiCats Builder does not mean we will stop updating it. We will continue to hear you guys, add gameplay possibilities and in-game objects. Now, let’s go to the patch note!**


  • Remaster of the enemies and the classic environment

They’re bigger and more mature! Enjoy also the remastered classical environment with redesigned decoration!

  • New environment: Castle!

Nothing feels better than blasting some Ratters in their own Castle! Explore the new Castle environment for some frightening adventures into the deepest corners of their dungeons… Have you got what it takes?

  • New variation of the classic environment


Tired of the sun? Feeling like you need a good midnight stroll or the cold touch of rain on your neck? These new variations are for you!

  • Updated animations for the player
  • Updated animations for the enemies
  • Revamped Mushroom and Door
  • Animation of the MagiCats Builder logo

With the game releasing today, the whole team has been jumping around and so is the logo now!

  • New fur skins

Now, you can customize your MagiCats more than ever before, with some new skins coming soon! We’ve even made a pink one for the cutest of you 😉

  • New Castle decorations

some terrifying decorations to fill your Castle levels with!

  • Revamp of multiple decoration assets
  • New main screen menu

We made an all new menu screen for you guys, and it’s even more dynamic. Now, you’ll know you’re truly in the MagiCats kingdom!

  • Updated user interface in multiple area


  • Added the « dash » jump

One of the most demanded feature is here… The MagiCats have been training all summer, and can now dash after jumping! Become the ultimate MagiCat parkour master!

  • Added the Generals in the pool of enemies (old Best Of exclusivity)
  • Added a charged projectile

The MagiCats are now the great Wizards they were destined to be… Charged shots will let you rain fire on your enemies!

  • Added aimed projectiles

MagiCats aren’t just more powerful, they’re now even more accurate. They can now aim their shots where the cursor is pointed! You can be a true marksman now! (+)


  • New loading screen

You’ll be able to stare at a beautiful new artwork with bonus tips (don’t worry, tips are on the house

  • Steam trophies

Proud of all these cool things you’ve done in-game? You can now brag about it on your Steam profile.

  • Added the Infinite Pack

Finally, it’s here, one of the most demanded features of the community: The Infinite Pack!

Have you been dreaming about the ultimate MagiCats experience? Endless building? A completely epic look? The Infinite Pack is for you. Offering you EVERY item, skin, environment, boss, etc. in-game, you’ll be the most powerful MagiCat in the entire kingdom.

Multiplayer (Steam version)

  • Added a 2-4 players local multiplayer

The MagiCats are now facing more dangers than ever and have decided to join forces. Play with up to 4 MagiCats on any level of the community!

Bug Fixing

  • Gameplay/Tutorial/Design/etc. fixes

Have you found a bug? Tell us about it on Discord here!



And that’s it for now! We’ve worked hard on this and we’re proud that you get to try it. Don’t hesitate to give us some feedback, we always love to hear from you!

Magically yours,


The Dreamz Team

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