MagiCats Builder – Patch note 1.7

MagiCats Builder – Patch note 1.7

May 31 Crazy Dreamz  

Welcome to the new patch notes, adventurer!

Please note that you have to upgrade your version of MagiCats Builder to access this content!


It’s been a while we have been silent. We swear, it’s for a good reason 😉

Today, we are launching a bunch of surprises and a lot more are coming soon!



  • Our game becomes MagiCats Builder!

Since MagiCat becomes more famous than Crazy Dreamz (this cat is out of control!), we decided to switch to this shorter and clearer name!

All the reasons here:

We also have the new website:


  • Weekend Contest

To celebrate our update, we are going to hold the Weekend Contest from June 1st to 4th.


Start publishing your level Friday! The hardest level with Magic Platform published during the contest will win 20€ gift card. (Steam/Google Play/App Store)

The winner will be announced on June 5th.


During the contest’s period, you will get the epic object, Magic Platform more easily!



  • New rewards for collecting Fairies

The fairy brings…good luck! Open the card and receive our gifts!

  • New daily quest

Some day you will be very rich…by keeping finishing the daily quest!

  • Level tags added

Is your level a puzzle, speedrun or narrative…? Set a tag for players with the same taste!



  • UI Improved everywhere in the game




-Many Bugs fixed

(Developer: only three words to describe my marvelous work???)


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