Announcement of name’s change

Announcement of name’s change

May 31 Crazy Dreamz  

With this incredible update on May the 31st, you will probably be shocked by our game’s change: now we are MagiCats Builder !

From Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition to MagiCats Builder, it is not an easy decision with a heated debate in our team. For everyone curious about the reasons, this blog post is for you!


Reason I

MagiCat becomes more famous and more popular than Crazy Dreamz.

Recently our Founder talked to an applying candidate to the team who used “MagiCats” instead of “Crazy Dreamz” when referring to the game. This fun fact inspired us to explore more: how this name easily got into his head so that Crazy Dreamz was totally forgotten?

Maybe it’s because of their cute faces, lovely paws, fluffy tails and flexible action… MagiCats are not only the source of our inspiration but also loved by many cats’ fans. We will probably make MagiCat as a franchise and start his world!

One day cats will rule the world!


Reason II

As a 2D sandbox platformer, our main gameplay is building.

The playing and sharing are all based on levels generated by our users. In other words, players are the most important for us. However, according to some feedbacks, some players got confused with the old name, which leads to the loss of potential players and increasing cost of communication. Therefore, we choose the word: Builder!


Reason III

The old name Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition is too long to remember and search.

We met several name mistaken cases, even from our team member, which lets us realize the necessity of changing the name.

Considering all these reasons and feedbacks, we decided to switch to MagiCat Builder! Our studio’s name keeps Dreamz and we won’t forget our original intention: make you able to build your own games!


If you get confused or have any question, please come to our Discord. We really appreciate all your feedbacks and patient company with us.


The Dreamz team

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