Some experience on our way to create the game

Some experience on our way to create the game

Jan 02 Crazy Dreamz  

Creating games is many people’s dream. However, you will face more difficulties than you can imagine. From an idea inspired by children to a powerful platform, Crazy Dreamz has gained some experience. Today we want to share insights to people who are on their way.

We invited Guillaume CAZELLES, our producer. He has participated in producing several successful game projects.


Can you tell me a funny, surprising or WTF story that took place in a video game production?
It was in the last summer, during the last presentation of my yearly project at ISART Digital. The project won the grand prize and surprised all the people.The team didn’t expect to win it. It was very funny to see our faces when Planet’s Revenge was announced winner. We were very proud of winning the prize, which motivated the team to release the game on the market!


Where did the idea Crazy Dreamz come from?
At first it all came from a child’s dream!

I remember that it was when we were showing the Pistache App in an event. A child came and said: “I don’t want to play the game. I want to create one by myself.” This sentence inspired us to create a game, where it’s easy to build your own games and can make kids discover coding in a new way.


What is the most challenging thing when you create Crazy Dreamz?
We identified two major difficulties:
–    The free to play model is hard to use when you’re a young company with young talents.
To be perfect, it needs the data, a step back to analyse the situation and the most important thing: money. Money helps company live as long as the game needs to be polished, balanced and perfect.
–    Emergent gameplay: We found that the game we made was bigger than the one we had imagined. To make our idea come true, we created physical systems and emergent gameplay elements which interact with each other. The consequence of having theses mechanics is bugs! We need to think about every situation, make many playtests, communicate with the community, and polish the game. With all these efforts, the players finally have access to a platform where they can create levels far beyond their imagination.


What is your view about the game industry? Which part do you like?
I love the fact that there are many types of games in the industry: casual games, AAAs, indie games, serious games, learning games and many more. New types of games are created every year. Who knew 10 years ago that casual/ultra-casual mobile games could become one of the most profitable genre of the industry? It’s very exciting to see these changes!

Also, there are many opportunities to learn new things every day, every month and every year, which motivates me. You don’t make the same things, because each game is different and your role is different. Creating a game is never boring!

I’m not a fan of riskless games! I always want to be bold and take risks even if it means making mistakes because it’s the way you learn.


Share an image or a GIF that inspired you.

Serious answer:

I always like the space, stars and what happens above us. Each time I look at this picture, it has a special effect and make me focused instantly.

Funny answer:

As a Producer, I always keep my eyes open during the production or the things would go wrong, really wrong!


What have you learned by playing or creating games?

I’ve learned so much by playing or creating games:

  •   Working with a team is always rewarding
  •   Communication is the most vital thing during a game’s creation.
  •   Success isn’t luck. It’s about work and dedication.
  •   “Good” games aren’t always successful and “bad” games aren’t always a failure.
  •   Don’t manage, guide your team.
  •   When you’re a young team/studio, don’t be too ambitious for your first game. Think: “today a little game, tomorrow: the world!”
  •   Don’t make things you don’t know, always learn first. I’d rather have a team of 3 talents in their own fields rather than a team of 50 people that don’t know what they’re doing.


Game is an art. It brings joy and new and exciting things. We are glad to share these experiences with you and look forward to hearing from you.


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