Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition – Patch 0.8 notes

Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition – Patch 0.8 notes

Dec 14 Crazy Dreamz  

Welcome to the patch 0.8 notes, team!

Please note that you have to upgrade your version of Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition on Steam to gain access to this content!



• Create your unique cat! You can change the appearance of the MagiCat by winning helmets, staffs and armors in the chests.
• Ten different skins are waiting for you in the new customization feature! Come to explore by yourself the special Christmas suit, the wizard costume!

• New code blocks published to give you more creation possibilities!

• New missions in the adventure section. With the more expansive space and higher difficulty, you can challenge yourself and win the Christmas rewards!


Big News

• Don’t forget to try the new missions designed for celebrating the partnership with Qwant. Experience the power of search engines! Discover the next mission on the 19th of December.
• You can now play Crazy Dreamz on your Android smartphones and tablets! Try it here:

Crazy Dreamz on Apple devices is coming soon 😉



• Christmas is here in Crazy Dreamz! Discover the snowy world of the Magicats.

• New visual for the controller’s sign.
• Improvements of the user interface.



• Animations’ (enemies, main character) improvements.
• Coding blocks’ improvements.
• Several other bugs were fixed. If you want to help us find the last ones, you can join our discord by clicking this link:


By the way, if you want to follow our adventure and hear more about the game, you can follow us here:

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